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Lithium- ion batteries, Lithium- phosphate batteries, Lithium- titanate batteries, NiMH batteries, NiCD batteries

Endoscopy Solutions

Rendering ample solutions for procedures of Gastroenterology, ERCP, and Urology ensuring prime quality


Global leader in the sleep and respiratory accessory market endowing solutions leading to salubrious patients.

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Effective and efficient man power for nonpareil results

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Research and development center for advanced innovations

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Cutting Edge Technology

Providing Technology to support your life.


Our Technological services has been improved vastly

Come Experience the real life situations of saving life


SynoCare CPAP/BIPAP Portable Power backup

Now Power Up your PAP machine while you travel with SynoCare Power backup. Works with all brands all models all types. Available in 4 hour and 8 hour backup versions.




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