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Welcome to Explore Synergy

Our mission

Let’s make the planet a healthier place to breathe.

About us

Established in the year 2000, Explore synergy inc. believes and works on the philosophy of salubrious living worldwide, where product’s quality precedes its quantity. 

Specialization- Lithium ion, Lithium Phosphate, Lithium titanate, NiHM and NiCD batteries.


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Our Specialists

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Battery Solutions

For more than a decade, we manufacture and export medical batteries and medical equipments in 22 countries. The company renders OEM (original equipment manufacturer) services to medical companies. Currently we are serving 14 medical companies (and still counting) with the OEM services. Other than these medical companies, we are also the providers of OEM battery solutions to Solar, POS, Defence, Army, LED industries etc.

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Endoscopy Solutions

Explore synergy inc. exports premium quality Endoscopy consumable range to 19 countries comprising Gastroenterology accessories, ERCP accessories and Urology accessories.

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BiPAP Accessories

Our company also manufactures superior standard Bibap (bi-level positive airway pressure) and Cpap (continuous positive airway pressure) accessories with high quality disposable and reusable mask.