Reusable Channel Cleaning Brush – SynoCare™

Characteristics :

Be used to clean the endoscope channel and the vapour channel.
Disposable cleaning brush is easy to use and economical with good effect. The innovation of three brushes largely improves the cleaning efficiency and cleanliness.


Model Diameter of brush Length Endoscope channel Characteristics
SYC-CB-06-180-D 6mm 1800mm 2.8/3.2mm With innovative three brushes ,it has better cleaning result;
Disposable ;Nylon brush ; Plastic shaft ;Three brushes
SYC-CB-06-230-D 6mm 2300mm 2.8/3.2mm
SYC-CB-03-120-D 3mm 1200mm 2.0mm
SYC-CB-03-180-D 3mm 1800mm 2.0mm
SYC-CB-06-180-C 6mm 1800mm 2.8/3.2mm Disposable ;Nylon brush ; Plastic shaft ;Double brushes;
SYC-CB-06-230-C 6mm 2300mm 2.8/3.2mm
SYC-CB-03-120-C 3mm 1200mm 2.0mm
SYC-CB-03-180-C 6mm 1800mm 2.0mm
SYC-CB-06-230-A 6mm 2300mm 2.8/3.2mm Reusable ;Nylon brush ;Stainless steel shaft ;Single brush;
SYC-CB-03-180-A 3mm 1800mm 2.0mm
SYC-CB-06-230-B 6mm 2300mm 2.8/3.2mm Reusable ;Nylon brush ;Stainless steel shaft ;Double brushes;
SYC-CB-03-180-B 3mm 1800mm 2.0mm
SYC-CB-E 11/5mm 160mm Vapor channel Reusable ;Nylon brush ;Plastic handle;