Bougie Dilator Set – SynoCare™

Usage: stricture dilatation of digestive tract and cardia.
Made up of medical macromolecule material, with proper rigidity, neither too hard, nor too soft.
It dilates easily and won’t bring too much trauma with the very smooth anterior taper.
The head end has the radiopaque marker for X-ray.
With very smooth and nice surface.
Equipped with nickel-titanium alloyed super-elastic guidwire.
Equipped with cleaning brush for channel.

boulge 1 boulge 2
Model Number O.D. (mm) Length (mm) Characteristics
SYC-BD 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 850 Each set is equipped with 6 bougies and 1 guidewire. With radiopaque marker
and calibration marker. It is also equipped with the cleaning brush.