Disposable Stone Extraction Basket : SynoCare™

Usage: It is used for removal of gallstone in biliary duct, or foreign bodies in upper and lower digestive tract.
1. With advanced alloyed material of basket, it ensures the original basket shape remain unchanged after complex stone removal.
2. With the design of smooth sheath, it is easy for guiding the basket through curved anatomy tract.
3. With an injection port on the handle, convenient for injection of contrast agents easily.
4. With particular design of handle, which has the function of push, pull and rotation, it makes the grasp of stone more comfortably and efficiently.

stone extraction basket



Model Tube Diameter
Characteristics Endoscope channel
SYC-BAS-23-200-20-S4-A 2.3 2000 20 Diamond Shape; 4 wires ≥2.8
SYC-BAS-23-200-22-S4-A 22
SYC-BAS-23-200-25-S4-A 25
SYC-BAS-23-200-30-S4-A 30
SYC-BAS-23-200-35-S4-A 35
SYC-BAS-23-200-20-S8-A 20 Diamond Shape; 8 wires
SYC-BAS-23-200-30-S8-A 30
SYC-BAS-23-200-20-N6-C 20 0.035″0.035″
SYC-BAS-23-200-30-N6-C 30
SYC-BAS-23-200-20-N8-C 20 Spiral Shape; 8 wires
SYC-BAS-23-200-30-N8-C 30