Multi-Band Ligator – SynoCare™

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Proposed Use/Indications for Use
The SynoCare Multiple Band Ligator is used for endoscopic ligation of esophageal varices and anorectal

The SynoCare Band Ligator is contraindicated for patients having disorders in breathing, expect for one
condition when the disorder is identified and nursed aptly, and is contraindicated for any other condition which
would otherwise contraindicate gastrointestinal endoscopy. The SynoCare Multiple Band Ligator is not intended
for ligation of esophageal varices beneath the gastro esophageal junction.

Recommended For single use only.
Reusing, reprocessing or sterilization may risk the structural integrity of the device and/or complete device failure
which, in turn, can jeopardize the life of the patient leading to irreparable injury, illness and even death. Reuse,
reprocessing or sterilization may increase the risk of defilement of the device leading to infection or cross-infection
in patient and/or transmission of infectious diseases from one patient to another.
Non-sterile contents are supplied.If found damaged, DO NOT use and call your Explore Synergy representative.
Post use, dispose the packaging and the product in accordance with hospital, administrative and/or government

Model Pulling Thread Required Working Channel (mm) O.D (mm) Bands
SCMBS4 1 2.8 8.9 – 11 4
SCMBD4 2 2.8 8.9 – 11 4
SCMBS6 1 2.8 8.9 – 11 6
SCMBD6 2 2.8 8.9 – 11 6
SCMBS7 1 2.8 8.9 – 11 7
SCMBD7 2 2.8 8.9 – 11 7

Available in Loose Barrels and Barrel+Shooter Set.