Rat Teeth Foreign Body Forcep – SynoCare™


Product Usage

SynoCare Grasping forcep is used for grasping the complex shape of foreign bodies, such as irregular objects recovered stent.


1. Clamp medical use of stainless steel, has good bio-compatibility.

2. Head-end carefully polished, smooth, no damage to endoscopy.

3. Head accurate design process can be accurately firmly grab the foreign body.

4. The use of laser welding, reliable connection, 2.8 mm forceps channel through the hole easily.

5. The one-time use, without re-sterilized to prevent cross infection, easy to use, reduce clinical workload.

Specification Table

Specifications Model
Diameter (mm)
Length (mm)
feature Scope
twenty three
Rat tooth
2.8 mm clamp Road Hole
twenty three
Rat tooth
2.8 mm clamp Road Hole